Millennium Global, Inc.

Project Solutions for the Process, Power and Offshore Industries

Why Select our Team ?


Today, potential investors and owner / operators are facing numerous competitive pressures to deliver projects and products faster, better, and cheaper. Millennium Global has found a way to deliver these products and services without driving overhead costs through the roof. We have assembled an unprecedented team of industry professionals, specialists and alliance partners to achieve the savings needed to address these pressures.


There are an unprecedented number of domestic and foreign projects available throughout the United States and the world; and the large principal engineering firms and owner / operators are busywith the mega buck deals and large capital projects. This leaves a smaller untapped market heretofore unsupported with strong technical talent and service. Millenniumís clients are looking for the ability to deliver finished products to an internal marketplace now. Millennium addresses and supports these companies and this market by providing top quality experienced personnel and a network of product suppliers committed to the customerís needs.


Choosing the correct partner or partners is critical to the independent investor or operator and Millennium is the right choice. Millennium has a significant number of highly experienced technical personnel available to meet the needs of the current market demand. Additionally, Millennium has already forged the much needed partnerships needed to supply critical products and construction services. This cuts down on delivery time and costs by taking advantage of preexisting purchasing agreements.Providing on site support for our customers is critical and something we take very seriously.


Millennium will listen to your needs and generate proposals or feasibility studies on a consultancy basis until the customer has a clear understanding of what

to expect and the associated costs. We will work with our customers to meet their goals and apply all of our years of expertise at an affordable price. We encourage client participation to help inform the internal workforce and better enable maximum continued success after we complete the specified projects.



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