Millennium Global, Inc.

Project Solutions for the Process, Power and Offshore Industries


Millennium Global Inc. is one of the most diverse providers of professional technical services. We offer full-spectrum support to industrial, commercial, and government clients across multiple markets.  Services include scientific and specialty consulting as well as all aspects of engineering, construction, operations and maintenance. Construction, Fabrication and Site Installation activities are performed by Global General Contractors, a wholly owned subsidery of Millennium Global, Inc..

Global's management team has provided General Contracting (GC) services for twenty years in Texas. As the GC on a project, Global assumes direct responsibility for all construction phase activities. Contracts are secured through competitive bidding, or through a qualifications-based selection process, often including a guaranteed maximum price (GMP)

As the General Contractor, Global subcontracts architectural and engineering services and remains the dominant contracting entity in the Design/Build process. Partnering with a selectively chosen Architect, or other duly licensed team members, the two are contracted as a single-source team to complete both design and construction services to meet the Owner’s specific needs 

Our primary markets include:

§     Petrochemical and Refinery   

§     Power Generation

§     Offshore Oil and Gas

§     Pipeline Services

§    Commercial Projects

§     Air Quality Projects                       

§     Solids Handling

§     Waste and Water Treatment  

§     Food and Beverage

§     Semi Conductor


Our fundamental business strategy is building long-term client relationships. With more than 38 years in the industry, we have attracted and retained clients by providing superior customer value, in fact, over 80 percent of our work is repeat business from loyal clients. This strategy yields cost advantages, profits, and growth, which allows us to attract and retain more customers, and thus fuel further growth.  The combination of a loyal client base and steady growth enables us to attract and retain the industry’s top talent. As a result of this sound business strategy we are prospering in diverse markets worldwide. Our global network includes contacts in more than 18 countries. We have client and vendor relationships in North America, South America, Central America, the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, Russia, India, Australia, Africa, Asia and Southeast Asia. Our headquarters are in Houston, Texas.

We see the big picture. From the characteristics of the raw production stream to the most efficient process to transform it to a usable product. We understand that project cycle time as well as total cost will impact your bottom line. Millennium Global utilizes an extensive network of joint venture partners with extraordinary world class capabilities to deliver your process solution faster and more cost effectively. 

Millennium’s uniqueness is its ability to integrate design, construction and operable principles to deliver an overall facilities solution. Millennium stands behind this commitment by executing project management and construction with seasoned professionals on a turn-key basis.


Forward-Looking Statements

Statements that are not based on historical fact are forward-looking statements.   Although such statements are based on management’s current estimates and expectations, and currently available competitive, financial, and economic data, forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain.  We, therefore, caution the reader that there are a variety of factors that could cause business conditions and results to differ materially from what is contained in our forward-looking statements.  We caution readers that we do not undertake to update any forward-looking statements.