Millennium Global, Inc.

Project Solutions for the Process, Power and Offshore Industries

       Environmental Services

MGI is a avid player in the environmental arena, providing management in environmental investigation, restoration, engineering, construction, and site operations and maintenance services to both private and public sector clients across the world.

Our projects include management of small scale hazardous air and water projects , and site cleanup and closure. As part of our environmental restoration work, we provide support in such areas as our EnviroPure gas purification systems and our proprietary Advanced Pyrolytic System . Our environmental consulting services include:

  • Air quality planning and permitting
  • Water quality compliance
  • Environmental conservation studies
  • Pollution prevention assessments
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance in the U.S.

We also design, build, and install various types of air and water treatment facilities that are currently installed and servicing our clients such as the Vopak, Baytank, Shell Refinery, LBC Petrocount and Celanese  in the United States.