Millennium Global, Inc.

Project Solutions for the Process, Power and Offshore Industries


MGI is a leading consultant of mechanical, electrical, structural, civil and architectural design for the energy and distribution markets. We specialize in gasification and carbon capture technology and provide designs for mechanical/electrical plants, power plants, electrical transmission systems and CW systems.

Active in this sector for more than 30 years, we have provided design for 30,000 megawatts of oil, coal, fuel and power purchase agreements, life-cycle costing, financial modeling, full EIA services, and project management of EPC contracts. Our power production project experience includes cogeneration plants, combined cycle gas turbine, integrated gasification combined cycle and coal-fired plants.

In addition, we can provide full process design of thermal plant ancillary systems. We are active in the development of renewable technologies, including energy from waste, tidal stream, hydropower, and onshore wind farms, including associated environmental and infrastructure work.

MGI is working with a dedicated group of technical people that are manufacturing and promoting a novel intellectual property referred to as an Advanced Pyrolytic System developed and designed by its engineers.  In summary, the proprietary pyrolytic process, which indirectly applies elevated temperatures to a retort chamber, subjects the waste products to an environment free of direct combustion and oxygen.  Through pyrolysis the waste products are converted to gasses and a basic carbon char (not an “ash”) by way of destructive distillation and decomposition.  Waste solids are expelled in the form of a carbon char and collected for either sale or disposal to landfill.  Waste gasses are directed to a thermal oxidizer for further thermal degradation.  The exhaust from the thermal oxidizer is fed through a waste heat boiler for the purpose of generating the steam needed to transfer the thermal energy present in the exothermic destruction of waste products to a power generator.  In summary, this proprietary pyrolytic process is an effective method for reducing landfill volume by up to 92%, destroying environmentally harmful waste chemicals, producing economically valuable products, and generating substantial quantities of clean electrical power.